How to Dispose of Paint in Baton Rouge

This article references the Baton Rouge Government’s guidance on how to dispose of paint at Read more about disposal of hazardous materials in the Greater Baton Rouge area.

Latex paint is NOT hazardous

Empty and dried up latex paint cans go in your garbage cart! Latex paint is non-toxic. You can place empty and dried up paint cans with the LIDS OFF into the garbage cart. Do not put cans with liquid paint in the cart.

How to dry out latex paint for safe disposal:

  • If there’s an inch or less of paint left in the can, remove the lid and let the paint dry out. Keep out of reach of children and animals. This method works best in warm weather.
  • If there’s more than an inch of paint in the can, try one of these methods:
    1. Mix latex paint with an equal amount of cat litter, stir and allow to harden.
    2. Mix latex paint with cement mix, stir and allow to harden. 10 pounds of cement mix will solidify one gallon of latex paint.

After latex paint has dried, place the open cans in your garbage cart.

Oil-based paint IS hazardous waste

Completely empty oil-based paint cans with the lids off can go into your garbage cart!


Dispose of partially full or full cans of oil-based paint – must be taken to a household hazardous collection site for proper disposal.

Do not dispose cans containing oil-based paint out in your cart for pick up.

  • Unlike latex paint, oil-based paint should not be dried out or solidified. Oil-based paint is flammable whether wet or dry.
  • Never put flammable products, such as oil-based paint or thinner, down any drain or into the garbage.

Recycle Rouge - Dispose of Paint
Visit for information on proper disposal of paint and household hazardous materials year-round, or download the PDF file now.