Concierge Design Consultation Services

Free Concierge Design Service with custom home package

One of the major sources of frustrations you will encounter during the home building process is making sure all the aspects of interior design are fully addressed, managed, and fulfilled. Most new homeowners have little experience in selecting the right fixtures, maintaining a consistent color palette, or even know what questions to ask a vendor!

That’s why Carroll Construction offers a concierge design consultation as part of every custom home package! While other builders may require you to find an independent (& costly!) designer-for-hire to assist you, our clients can rely on Tracy Carroll’s 25 years of intensive design experience to help guide them throughout the various processes…AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Tracy loves meeting with clients one on one to share her experience and insight. Plus, she will travel with you to key vendor appointments to help streamline the process, work with the vendors, and ensure you get what you want.

Having a knowledgeable & qualified designer at your side during these meetings offers a few distinct advantages:

  • Tracy is experienced with the vendors’ processes, and will ensure you have access to the widest variety of product selections
  • She knows what specific questions to ask, as well as what answers may need extra clarification
  • You’ll be confident that what you choose will both reflect your tastes and match each other
  • Tracy will help you avoid common pitfalls and reduce errors in ordering & fulfillment
Meet Our Design Expert, Tracy Carroll