Aging In Place – Designing Homes To Accommodate a Lifetime

When people say “aging in place”, they mean “Living your lifetime in your own home.

The concept is simple. Aging in place design embraces the concept that homes should accommodate people of all ages. In theory, a properly designed home could provide accessibility for a person to be born in and live their entire life in a single residence. Just as you would plan for college, you should plan for aging so that your needs will continue to be met beyond retirement. A well designed home is a great place to start that planning.

How do you design a home for aging in place?

Aging In Plave designWhile there are many design choices that can be considered, some of the more common features are:

  • Single level flooring for easiest access by anyone of any age
  • Zero threshold showers
  • Three foot wide doorways throughout the home (to accommodate chairs, walkers)
  • Grab bars installed any place where one moves from sitting to standing
  • Cabinetry designed to accommodate wheelchair access near the sinks and food preparation areas

Yet beyond just implementing these features, a home should look like a home not an institution. A home that is designed for aging in place should provide accommodating features that are transparent to the untrained eye. Our job is to create a space that works with your unique needs and still compliments your unique tastes.

Carroll Construction can consult with you to help you decide which features are best for your new home. We have been designated as Certified Aging in Place Specialists by the National Association of Home Builders. Let us help you to create a home that you will enjoy for the rest of your life!